US Strategic Command Posts Bizarre Tweet, Apologizes, And Then Deletes The Whole Thing!

The SUN: 'NUCLEAR LAUNCH CODES?' US Strategic Command posts bizarre tweet sparking hacking fears and Twitter memes
A BIZARRE tweet from the US Strategic Command has prompted a flurry on Twitter as people try and decipher what it may mean.
The US government account tweet came around 7:50pm, and began to go viral as people questioned the meaning of the letters and punctuation marks – and debated if the account had been hacked.
The tweet said: ";l;;gmlxzssaw".
Canadian Forces in the US responded: "These things happen. This might even happen to you one day. It's okay, folks."
Some people shared fears of hacking other other ominous meanings of the tweet.
Update #1: Rogue tweet from U.S. Strategic Command baffles the world (NY Daily News)
Update #2: ‘Tweeting our launch codes?’ US Strategic Command sends cryptic tweet, setting off panic & speculations (RT)
WNU Editor: The Canadians at Strategic Command are saying that everything is OK (see below tweet). OK. That is my cue to start worrying.

These things happen.
This might even happen to you one day.
It's okay, folks.

— Canadian Forces in 🇺🇸 (@CAFinUS) March 28, 2021

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