China Sends Fighter Jets Into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone During Palau President And U.S. Diplomat Visit

Reuters: China sends fighters as Palau president, U.S. diplomat visit Taiwan
TAIPEI, March 29 (Reuters) – Ten Chinese military aircraft including fighter jets entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on Monday, as Palau’s president visited the Beijing-claimed island accompanied, unusually, by Washington’s ambassador to the country.
Taiwan’s air force has repeatedly scrambled to intercept Chinese aircraft in recent months, including 20 on Friday, as Beijing seeks to assert its sovereignty and warn the United States to cease its support for the democratic island.
The 10 Chinese aircraft consisted of eight fighters and two surveillance planes, the latter of which flew around southern Taiwan and into the Pacific, according to Taiwan’s Defence Ministry, adding its air force scrambled to warn them away.
Update: Chinese Warplanes Buzz Around Taiwan in Pincer Movement (Newsweek)
WNU Editor: I expect China to escalate these incursions throughout the year.Original Article

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