Pfizer And Moderna’s Vaccines Are 90% Effective At Preventing COVID-19 Infection After Two Doses And 80% Effective After One Shot

Daily Mail: Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines are 90% effective at preventing COVID-19 infection after two doses and 80% effective after one shot, real-world study of health care workers finds
* A new CDC real-world study looked at the vaccination status of 4,000 frontline workers between mid-December 2020 and mid-March 2021 * During the study period, 161 unvaccinated people were infected with COVID-19 compared to 8 partially vaccinated people and 3 fully vaccinated people * Employees who received both doses of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna's vaccine lowered their risk of being infected by 90% and one shot reduced the risk by 80% * It comes as Moderna announced on Monday that it has shipped its 100 millionth dose, out of a 300-million dose order, to the U.S. government * This week, 10 states plan to open eligibility of vaccines to all adults in line with President Joe Biden's goal of all Americans being eligible by May 1
Two doses of either Moderna's or Pfizer-BioNTech's coronavirus vaccine are highly effective at preventing infection, a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) real-world study published on Monday finds.
Researchers looked at vaccination rates among nearly 4,000 healthcare employees, first responders, and other essential and frontline workers from mid-December 2020 to mid-March 2021.
Results showed the risk of infection among fully vaccinated workers was reduced by 90 percent two or more weeks after the final dose – the amount of time it takes to produce antibodies.
WNU Editor: 80% to 90% is a very effective rate.Original Article

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