Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials — March 30, 2021

France 24: Bloody crackdown: Can Myanmar junta shoot its way out of crisis?
Already, Myanmar's Armed Forces Day 2021 will be go down as a day of infamy. Security forces on Sunday went and opened fire on a funeral.
Can the junta get away with its February First coup by shooting its way out of the crisis? What more can the international community do?
After targeted sanctions against regime big wigs, how to squeeze the businesses that make money for the military or at least not be complicit in their enrichment?
We ask about the US suspending a trade deal with Myanmar. Will those measures help or hurt?
Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials — March 30, 2021
The geopolitics of Myanmar’s black swan coup — Michael Vatikiotis, Asia Times
India's Dangerous Myanmar Policy — Sudha Ramachandran, The Diplomat
Americans fear China over Russia — Roger Zakheim and Rachel Hoff, The Hill
China sets sights on Middle East with Iran co-operation deal — Jeremy Bowen, BBC
What is behind China and Iran’s ‘strategic’ deal? — Al Jazeera
Records expose China’s maritime militia at Whitsun Reef — Foreign Policy
The EU Is Unprepared for a Taiwan Crisis — David Hutt, Internationale Politik Quarterly
The Return of German Politics — Joschka Fischer, Prokect Syndicate
Analysis: Under political attack, Brazil's Bolsonaro goes on the offensive — Stephen Eisenhammer and Eduardo Simões, Reuters
In Depth: Sudan and Ethiopias' Border Conflict Intensifies — Faisal Ali, Fletcher Forum
Suez crisis creates winners and losers in the global supply chain — Al Jazeera Suez
Canal blockage could alter shipping forever…and China and Russia will be the winners — Tom Fowdy, RT
‘All about physics’: How the Ever Given was finally refloated — France 24Original Article

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