Fighting Escalates in Eastern Ukraine. Current Cease-Fire Unravelling

In the most lethal fighting so far this year, four Ukrainian soldiers were killed and another was seriously wounded in a battle against Russian-backed separatists in the Donetsk Region of eastern Ukraine, the country’s military said.

— NYT At War (@NYTimesAtWar) March 30, 2021

WNU Editor: Ukraine is saying that Russia is threatening the security in the region …. Ukraine says Russian military buildup threatens its security (Reuters). The Kremlin is accusing Kiev Of doing the same thing …. Kremlin says Kiev to blame for worsening Ukraine conflict (AFP).
This blogger predicted a few days ago that the war will escalate after Orthodox Easter (May 2) …. U.S. Escalates Military Hardware Deliveries To Ukraine's Army (March 28, 2021). It looks like I am off by a few weeks.Original Article

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