Is YouTube Changing It’s Policy On ‘Dislikes’ To Protect President Biden?

👍👎 In response to creator feedback around well-being and targeted dislike campaigns, we're testing a few new designs that don't show the public dislike count. If you're part of this small experiment, you might spot one of these designs in the coming weeks (example below!).

— YouTube (@YouTube) March 30, 2021

RT: ‘Protecting Biden from further embarrassment’: YouTube to hide ‘dislikes’ on videos as users ruthlessly downvote president
YouTube has announced that it will temporarily hide how many ‘dislikes’ a video has received. The news went down poorly online, but President Joe Biden’s social media team might be happy with the change.
At a glance, the number of thumbs down a YouTube video has received can tell a user to steer clear. The video could be boring or misleading, or the creator could say something so unpopular that thousands of viewers log in to downvote it to oblivion. Then again, mass downvoting campaigns have been launched against some users, and YouTube claims to have listened to these users’ pleas.
Update: 'More Censorship': Netizens Theorize Biden Administration Behind YouTube Removing Dislike Count (Sputnik)
WNU Editor: You can still dislike videos of President Biden on the official White House YouTube channel. Will this be changed? I do not know. But it is comical to see that for every "like" President Biden receives, there are usually 20 or 30 dislikes (and more) on the same video.Original Article

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