Saudi F-15 Fighter Swoops In Low To Blast A Houthi Rebel Drone (Video)

Warzone/The Drive: Watch A Saudi F-15 Fighter Swoop In Low To Blast A Houthi Rebel Drone Out Of The Sky
The action-packed clip underscores the immense expenditure of resources on the part of the Saudis to respond to these relatively low-cost threats.
Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen launching suicide drones, as well as ballistic and cruise missiles, at targets in Saudi Arabia has become a regular occurrence. Announcements about interceptions by Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 fighter jets, as well as Patriot surface-to-air missiles, very costly responses to these relatively cheap threats, have become equally routine. However, video footage has now emerged online offering a different kind of look at this ongoing duel as Saudi troops on the ground watch an F-15 swoop in a relatively low level to knock down a Houthi Qasef-series suicide drone.
WNU Editor: All that money being spent to knock-out just one drone. There has to be a better way.Original Article

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