What Are the Details In The Iran – China 25 Year Strategic Partnership Agreement? No One Knows

The Guardian: Iranian leaders pressed to disclose details of 25-year China pact
Government official hints China standing in way of publication, as protesters insist ‘Iran is not for sale’
Iran’s ministers are being pressed by critics in the country to reveal details of a 25-year strategic partnership deal signed with China at the weekend, following accusations that Iran has sold its sovereignty.
Many analysts say the agreement is largely aspirational, but the secrecy surrounding the final version has provided a useful stick for the regime’s critics.
Update: What’s in the China-Iran Strategic Cooperation Agreement? Despite the fanfare surrounding the 25-year deal, details are scarce. Is this much ado about nothing? (The Diplomat)
WNU Editor: Iranians justifiably want to know what are details of their country's agreement with Iran. But Iran is saying that they cannot disclose the details of their deal with China because China wants to keep a publishing ban.
My contacts in China are not so reserve, and they are telling me that China got a great deal. In a nutshell. Iran is going to owe China hundreds of billions of dollars to build up its infrastructure and modernize its oil facilities (using Chinese labor), and this debt will be paid with oil but a few points below spot price.
To put it bluntly. If what my contacts are saying is true, China took advantage of Iran's weak position to take them to the cleaners.
The only public reaction from Beijing on this deal is that they are taking all the risk …. China warned 25-year deal with Iran ‘is hugely risky’ (SCMP).Original Article

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