Kremlin Says Current Situation Along The Engagement Line Between Ukraine And Donbass ‘Frightening’

RT: Moscow warns of ‘measures’ against any Western troop deployment in Ukraine, as Kiev cites guarantees of US support in a conflict
Russia has warned that it would regard any deployment of Western troops in Ukraine as a serious provocation, after Kiev asked NATO to step up its local combat readiness and claimed the US would come to its aid in any future war.
On Friday, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry issued a statement saying that it had received guarantees of American support after a telephone call with Washington’s top military official, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austen.
“The US Secretary of Defense stressed that in the event of an escalation of Russian aggression, the United States will not leave Ukraine alone,” the Ministry said.
WNU Editor: The Ukraine government is saying that they have received guarantees of American support in the event that the conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine escalates. The fact that Washington has not denied this report is being interpreted in the Kremlin as an American "greenlight" to the Ukraine government to launch an offensive to seize the separatist regions of eastern Ukraine.
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