Military And Intelligence News Briefs — April 1, 2021

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger at Twentynine Palms.
Breaking Defense: Historic Marine Plan to Reinvent The Corps EXCLUSIVE
The document outlines an evolving effort to stand up a series of small, agile units tasked with air defense, anti-ship and submarine warfare, and seizing, holding and resupplying ad hoc bases to support an island-hopping campaign in the Pacific.
WASHINGTON: An ambitious new Marine Corps planning document outlines historic changes in how the service plans to equip, organize, and train over the next decade to meet the challenges of Chinese and Russian competition, ushering in changes not seen since the 1920s.
The unreleased 180-page document is meant as a first iteration of an effort to create a series of small, agile units tasked with air defense, anti-ship and submarine warfare, and seizing, holding and resupplying small temporary bases as part of an island-hopping campaign in the Pacific.
Military And Intelligence News Briefs — April 1, 2021
Marines' Drone-Killing Lasers Get Even More Powerful After Upgrades —
The U.S. Navy Is Getting More Missiles for Its Fighter Jets (Like the F-35) — National Interest
Navy grapples with slow strike fighter training output, admiral says — SeaPower
How a little-known Pentagon agency trains troops to escape the enemy and get home safely — Business Insider
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AMC Eyes Self-Defense For Cargo, Tanker Planes — Breaking Defense
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Biden’s infrastructure plan includes billions to develop emerging tech the military needs — C4ISRNet
Electric vehicles and biofuel: Pentagon poised to go greener under Biden — Politico
Nearly Half of DoD Employees Got More Productive When They Started Teleworking —
HHS asks Pentagon for use of third base to house migrant children — The Hill
Former Air Force Analyst Pleads Guilty to Leaking Secrets About Drone Program —
Biden Orders Pentagon to Remove Patriots, Forces Out of Persian Gulf Region, Reports Suggest — Sputnik
Boeing nabs $1.6B contract to build P-8A Poseidons for U.S., Australia — UPI
Biden Arms Sale Freeze Likely To Thaw, Including UAE’s F-35s — Breaking Defense
Report of Russian navigation gear on German submarines has lawmakers on alert — C4ISRNet
Naval Officer Busted Selling Top NATO Secrets to Russia for Just $6K — Daily Beast
France Assumes Command of US Task Force 50 — Naval News
Could Latvia become NATO’s 5G military test hub? — Aaron Mehta, C4ISRNet
Three companies make a joint run for Germany’s new air-defense program — Defense News
UK ‘Absolutely’ Will Buy More F-35s, Procurement Minister Says — Defense One
The US military wants to get ahead of 'more complex' Russian operations, top North American commander says — Business Insider
NORTHCOM: Russians stay in airspace ‘for hours’ during flight operations near Alaska — USNI News
Russian secret Burlak tank allegedly leaks via social media — Defence-Blog
Russia's Navy is making a big bet on new, smaller warships loaded with missiles — Business Insider
U.N.: 'Highly likely' North Korea can mount nuclear warheads on missiles — UPI
Japan Coast Guard expands its fleet with two new H225 helicopters — Defence-blog
Let’s Get Real About US Military ‘Dominance’ — Defense One
The U.S. system created the world’s most advanced military. Can it maintain an edge? — Washington PostOriginal Article

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