Are NATO Warships And Submarines Obstructing Construction Of The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline?

RT: Warships & submarines entering zone of Nord Stream 2 pipeline in ‘planned & prepared provocations’ to obstruct work, says operator
With the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline nearing completion and US sanctions against contractors failing to stop its construction, its operator has reported an increased “provocative” activity of warships in the area.
According to Moscow news agency TASS, Nord Stream 2 AG’s branch director, Andrey Minin, claimed that the last three months have seen a growth in military presence in the area.
WNU editor: Poland is denying reports that they are interfering in this pipeline construction …. Warsaw Claims That Nord Stream AG's Reports About Polish Military Harassing Pipeline are False (Sputnik). About 95% of the pipeline has already been completed …. Nord Stream 2 pipeline 95% complete, roughly 121 km left to construct (TASS).
More News On Reports That NATO Warships And Submarines Are Obstructing Construction Of The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline
Foreign vessels active in Nord Stream 2 construction area, operator says — TASS
Nord Stream AG Says Warships, Submarines and Helicopters Tried to Disrupt Pipeline's Construction — Sputnik
Nord Stream 2 warns of security risks to pipeline from warships, planes — ReutersOriginal Article

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