20 Arrested In ‘Coup Attempt Backed By Foreign Powers’ Against Jordan’s King Abdullah. Former Crown Prince Arrested

Daily Mail: Jordan's Queen Noor Al Hussein slams claims her son plotted coup with foreign powers as 'wicked slander' after he was put under house arrest – as aide to Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman brushes off rumours kingdom was involved
* Half-brother of Jordan's King Abdullah II says he was put under house arrest * Prince Hamzah bin Hussein said his internet and phone lines had been cut off * Jordan's deputy Prime Minster today accused the prince of being part of a coup * But his mother, Queen Noor Al Hussein, slammed the claims as 'wicked slander' * Former finance minister Bassem Awadallah – a Saudi adviser – was also arrested * An aide of Saudi's crown prince tweeted pictures of prince with King Abdullah Jordan's Queen Noor
Al Hussein today slammed claims her son plotted a coup as 'wicked slander', amid reports he has been placed under house arrest.
The American-born Jordanian royal, 69, said she hoped 'praying that truth and justice will prevail' following the reported detainment of her son Prince Hamzah bin Hussein. Prince Hamzah is the son of the late King Hussein of Jordan and fourth wife Queen Noor.
WNU Editor: The former crown prince describes his arrest in the video below:

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