Air Force Global Strike Command Chief Says Army’s Long-Range Strike Vision Is ‘Stupid’

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Air Force Magazine: Army’s Long-Range Strike Vision is ‘Stupid,’ AFGSC Chief Says
The Army’s plan to take over some of the long-range strike mission is “stupid” and a waste of resources that are urgently needed elsewhere, said Air Force Global Strike Command chief Gen. Timothy M. Ray.
“I genuinely struggle with the credibility of that plan,” Ray said on an AFA Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies podcast posted April 1. “I just think it’s a stupid idea to go invest that kind of money to recreate something that [the Air Force] has mastered.”
Ray was referring to the Army’s new vision, which calls for it to operate in all domains, taking over some missions from the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Space Force in long-range strike, maritime warfare, amphibious warfare, and space operations.
Under the new vision, the Army plans to field hypersonic weapons that can rapidly target enemy missile launchers and airfields.
Update #1: Air Force general says of Army’s long range precision fires goal: ‘It’s stupid’ (Defense News) Update #2: US Air Force Bomber Chief Dismisses Army’s Ground-Based Missile Push as ‘Expensive’ and ‘Stupid’ (Sputnik)
WNU editor: He does have a point ….
…. “Why in the world would we entertain a brutally expensive idea when we don’t, as the [Defense] Department, have the money to go do that?”Original Article

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