Analyst Says The Deployment Of Russian Troops On Ukraine Border Could Trigger European War

Daily Mail: 'This crisis has the potential to escalate into a pan-European or world war': Russian military analyst claims Moscow's build-up of troops and tanks on the Ukranian border could turn hot within as little as four weeks
* Military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer warned events could see 'war in a month' * Footage shows dozens of Russian tanks deployed to disputed Donbass region * Felgenhauer said it requires a 'psychoanalyst' to determine Russia's intentions
A European or even World War could be triggered in four weeks in Ukraine after Russia dispatched 4,000 to the disputed border with its neighbour, warns an independent Russian military analyst.
It comes as social media footage footage shows suspected large scale Russian military movements in regions close to rebel-held eastern Ukraine and annexed Crimea.
With tension sharply rising, analyst Pavel Felgenhauer, 69, said it now requires a 'psychoanalyst' to determine Russia's intentions in Ukraine but warned events could see 'war in a month'.
Update: Russian troops on Ukraine border could trigger European war, says analyst (NYPost)
WNU editor: The Kremlin is not testing the Biden administration …. Russia may be 'probing' Biden administration with troop buildup at Ukrainian border (The Week). They are responding to President Biden's remarks two weeks ago that Crimea belongs to Ukraine, and that Russia will be punished for election interferences. You can also throw in an uptick on ceasefire violations on the frontlines, coupled with a recent increase in U.S. and NATO exercises on Russia's borders.
Update #2: I agree …. Ukraine does not expect Russian attack in Donbas (Anadolu Agency). Recent Russian military deployments involves approximately 4,000 soldiers. Too small a number to raise alarm bells (so far).
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