Experts Warn Covid ‘Super Mutation’ May Cause A ‘Devastating’ New Outbreak

The SUN: NOT OVER YET Covid ‘super mutation’ may cause ‘devastating’ new outbreak & beat vaccines if we leave lockdown too soon, experts warn
COVID could mutate into a new super variant which could beat vaccines, make people sicker and reinfect victims in a devastating new outbreak, leading experts have warned.
Scientists told The Sun Online about the need to vaccinate as many people as possible and stick to the lockdown rules as it is feared the rapidly changing virus could overwhelm our current arsenal of vaccines.
The experts hammered home the need to rob Covid of the rapid person-to-person transmission which helps it develop mutations.
And they warned possible new variants in the future could make people sicker and re-infect people who had already developed antibodies in a "very, very scary" new outbreak.
WNU Editor: That is a lot of covid-19 mutations.
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