Are U.S. – Russian Relations Over Because President Biden Called Russian President Putin A ‘Killer’?

Steven Pifer, Brookings: Joe Biden’s ‘killer’ comment: Undiplomatic, but the end of US-Russia relations?
Two weeks ago, President Joe Biden affirmatively responded to George Stephanopoulos’s question, “Vladimir Putin. You think he’s a killer?” Russian commentators voiced outrage, while some American observers foresee a new or intensified ice age in U.S.-Russia relations.
The Russian president is a big boy though. He surely did not like Biden’s answer, but it is difficult to imagine that he would refuse to engage when he sees doing so in his or Russia’s interest.
WNU Editor: IMHO the "killer remark" by President Biden is not going to end U.S. – Russian relations. The view in Kremlin is that President Biden is suffering from memory problems, maybe pre-dementia, and that there is a very real chance that he may not finish his term. As for recalling the Russian ambassador from Washington …. that is more show than substance.
At least President Biden did not compare President Putin to Hitler as Secretary of State Clinton did in 2014 …. Former U.S. Secretary Of State Kerry Confrims What War News Updates Posted 4 Years Ago On Hillary Clinton Comparing Putin To Hitler (June 2, 2018). I understand that even to this day Russian officials make a point of ignoring and/or avoiding Hillary Clinton.Original Article

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