Report Says New Satellite Images Have Revealed A Possible New Ballistic Missile Base In Iran

Sputnik: Satellite Images Reveal Possible New Ballistic Missile Base in Iran, Report Suggests
The report compiles satellite images through several years, showing construction activities at the site.
Satellite images by Capella Space reveal concrete structures and what appear to be tunnel entries in what Israeli-based The Intel Lab says might be a new ballistic missile base.
According to The Intel Lab, which describes itself as an intelligence consultancy, construction at the site began in around 2005, with two tunnels being excavated 400 metres below crest level.
The site is reported to be 28 kilometres northwest of Isfahan City Centre in central Iran.
WNU Editor: In another indication that the Biden administration may have trouble reaching a nuclear – missile deal with Iran. A new poll says most Iranians do not want their country's missile program being a part of a nuclear deal …. Most Iranians Now Support Nuclear Deal, But Say Keep Missiles Out Of It, Poll Shows (Newsweek).Original Article

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