U.S. Shuts Down Camp 7 In Guantanamo

New detainees escorted through Guantanamo in 2002, when it held hundreds of prisoners. There are only 40 held there now. CREDIT:MARC SEROTA
Sydney Morning Herald: Guantanamo’s once-secret ‘black ops’ prison unit closes
Washington: A once-secret unit within the Guantanamo Bay detention centre that had fallen into disrepair has been closed and the prisoners moved to another facility on the American base in Cuba.
The prisoners at Camp 7 were transferred to another unit as part of what US Southern Command said in a statement on Sunday (Monday AEDT) was an effort to “increase operational efficiency and effectiveness”.
Camp 7 opened in December 2006 for prisoners previously held in a network of clandestine CIA detention facilities, often referred to as “black sites,” where they were subjected to brutal interrogation techniques.
The military ran it under an agreement with CIA and Southern Command said intelligence agencies were involved with the transfer.
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