Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials — April 5, 2021

Peter Dickinson, Atlantic Council: Is Putin about to launch a new offensive in Ukraine?
Russia has sparked alarm in Ukraine and throughout the international community in recent days by massing its armed forces close to the Ukrainian border.
The military build-up has raised fears of a possible Russian offensive that could push beyond the areas of eastern Ukraine currently under Kremlin control and lead to a dramatic escalation in the simmering seven-year conflict between the two countries.
Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials — April 5, 2021
Myanmar’s brutal military was once a force for freedom – but it’s been waging civil war for decades — Tharaphi Than, The Conversation
Does Russia’s military build-up mean war with Ukraine is imminent? — Christian Mamo, Emerging Europe
Russia's Military Buildup Near Ukraine Is an Intimidation Tactic — Michael Kofman, Moscow Times
How the U.S. Should Respond to Russia’s New Escalation in Ukraine — Candace Rondeaux, WPR
Russia's escalation in Ukraine is unfortunate but ultimately a European concern — Daniel DePetris, Washington Examiner
Indirect US-Iran talks on the nuclear deal: What can we expect? — France 24
This Week May Be Biden’s Last Chance to Revive the Iran Deal — Jonah Shepp, NYMag
Reviving The Iran Nuclear Deal: Here's What It Involves And Why It's Hard — Larry Kaplow, NPR
How Prince Hamzah's claim to Jordan's throne was withdrawn — Diana Hodali, DW
Jordan's King Abdullah II: Western ally in turbulent region — AFP
Taiwan Tripwire: A New Role For The U.S. Army In Deterring Chinese Aggression — Loren Thompson, Forbes
Is the Asian Century Really Here? — Lee Jong-Wha, Project Syndicate
China's Hong Kong crackdown was decades in the making — Stan Grant, ABC News Online
Patria y Vida: Cuba's rap battle with dissidents — BBC
Should museums sell treasured works? Pandemic revives debate — AFPOriginal Article

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