Future U.S. Army Heavy Brigades Will BE More Mobile, Lethal, And Aware Of Threats

Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle in field test, accompanied by Humvees
Breaking Defense: Faster, Tougher, Smarter: Army’s Future Armored Force EXCLUSIVE
Adding robot scouts and replacing vintage vehicles – the M113, the M2 Bradley, and potentially even the M1 Abrams – will make heavy brigades much more mobile, lethal, and aware of threats, Maj. Gen. Richard Ross Coffman says.
WASHINGTON: The tanks, they are a-changin’. the Army’s deadline to submit concepts for a new Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle that will replace the Reagan-era M2 Bradley is just 11 days away, April 16. The service is already buying a replacement for the even older M113, a tracked workhorse that fought in Vietnam. And it’s experimenting with remote-controlled Robotic Combat Vehicles and even exploring unmanned options to replace the massive M1 Abrams main battle tank.
WNU Editor: It looks like heightened situational awareness, speed and mobility, robot scouts, and lethal fire-power is the direction that the US Army wants to go with its armored forces.Original Article

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