Taiwan’s Military Is ‘Ill-Prepared’ For A Potential Chinese Attack

A Taiwan air force pilot signals from a US-made f-5E tiger ii fighter jet before a training exercise
DW: Taiwan's army 'ill-prepared' for potential Chinese attack
Taiwanese civilians seem to be unfazed by the military pressure that Beijing is exerting. Military experts, on the other hand, are preoccupied and fear the armed forces are not ready to react.
Those who have been following the news about China's threats toward Taiwan might be surprised to see how little visible impact the situation seems to be having on the everyday lives of the island's 23 million inhabitants.
It is business as usual in the cities, hectic moments alternating with calmer ones. Moreover, thanks to the fact that the authorities have dealt with the coronavirus in a very efficient manner, there is no physical distancing or lockdown.
WNU Editor: A year or two ago I read an article that said U.S. intelligence was confident in having a heads-up by about a month or two if China was preparing to attack Taiwan. They would then use this intel to warn the Taiwanese, and to deploy necessary military assets to dissuade China from launching such an operation. I hope they are right. Because Taiwan will clearly be outmatched by China on day one if such an attack happens without any warnings.Original Article

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