The Pentagon Is Spending Billions On Hypersonic Missiles To Catch-Up To Russia And China

Raytheon and Northrop Grumman teamed to accelerate air-breathing hypersonic vehicle development. Credit: Raytheon.
Asia Times: Hypersonic gap: US spending $15bn to match rivals
According to a new government study, America now has 70 different hypersonic weapon programs
Be afraid, be very afraid.
In 2017, China started showing first images of the tests of their hypersonic glide vehicles, and in 2018, Russian president Vladimir Putin presented an array of new hypersonic armaments that are being developed for the Russian army.
Both countries have since claimed their respective weapons having at least initial operational capability.
And quite frankly, it scared the pants off Pentagon planners.
The possibility, that a hypersonic missile gap existed, could not be tolerated … in any way, shape or form.
WNU Editor: 70 different hypersonic weapon programs are now ongoing for the Pentagon. If that is not throwing everything to catch-up on a weapons technology, I do not know what is.Original Article

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