Iranian Ship Said To Be A Spy Ship Hit By Limpet Mine In Red Sea

The Iranian ship 'Saviz' in the Red Sea in 2018 (Al Arabiya video screenshot)

U.S. officials tell Reuters that the United States did not carry out the attack.

— Idrees Ali (@idreesali114) April 6, 2021

Al Hadath released pictures of the Iranian spyship SAVIZ, which there are reports of it being attacked. SAVIZ was used by #Iran’s IRGC as a spy ship to gather intel on #Saudi, and for the Houthis

— IntelOmarion (@IntelOmarion) April 6, 2021

Times of Israel: Iranian vessel, said to be IRGC-linked spy ship, hit by limpet mine in Red Sea
Al-Arabiya says the ‘Saviz,’ sailing near Yemen, was targeted by Israeli commandos; no comment from Jerusalem An Iranian-flagged ship in the Red Sea was hit by a limpet mine on Tuesday, the semi-official Tasnim news agency said.
Arabic media reports claimed the ship, Saviz, was an intelligence-gathering vessel linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Tanim said Saviz “has been stationed in the Red Sea for the past few years to support Iranian commandos who are sent to escort commercial vessels.”
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