U.S., Iraq Agree On Withdrawal Of U.S. Combat Troops. Exact Date Will Be Determined Later

Just in: Biden admin indicates that 2,500 US troops will eventually leave Iraq in joint stmt after strategic dialogue with Baghdad. Both sides confirmed US-led mission now focused on training & advising, but timing of US redeployment will be established in technical talks. pic.twitter.com/jXE6YaQydT

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NBC News: U.S., Iraq agree on eventual withdrawal of U.S. combat troops

The U.S. military mission is focused on training Iraqis for the fight against ISIS, allowing for withdrawal of U.S. combat troops, the two countries say.

WASHINGTON — The United States and Iraq said Wednesday that they have agreed on the eventual withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq and that the two governments would hold talks to work out the timing.

In a joint statement following a round of talks between U.S. and Iraqi officials, the two governments said the mission of U.S. forces was now focused on training Iraqi troops to fight the Islamic State terrorist group, also known as ISIS. As a result, combat troops would no longer be necessary in the future, the statement said.


WNU Editor: This may be all moot. It looks like most US soldiers have left …. Iraqi Adviser Says Over Half of US Personnel Already Left, No Combat Units Remain (Sputnik).

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