Will Ukraine Field A Drone Strike Force Against Russian-Backed Rebels In Eastern Ukraine?

Capture from video released by the Azerbaijan ministry of defense depicting a drone strike on Armenian T-72 tanks in September 2020. Azerbaijan ministry of defense capture via Sebastien Roblin/Forbes

Forbes: Ukraine Might Field A Drone Strike Force—And It Could Knock Out Russian Tanks

The Ukrainian air force hasn’t acquired a new manned warplane since 1991. Its 125 Cold War-vintage fighters, attack planes and combat helicopters are old and getting older—and the air force with its $300-million-a-year budget simply can’t afford to replace them.

Nor should it replace them, advised Tom Cooper, an independent aviation expert.

Huge numbers of modern Russian warplanes are just a short flight away. Russian surface-to-air missiles are so close they could target Ukraine’s aircraft while they’re taking off. For Kiev, buying new manned warplanes is “neither economic, nor makes sense,” Cooper said.


WNU Editor: It looks like they are ready to counter this Ukraine drone strike-force …. SMM long-range UAV unable to take off due to dual GPS signal interference (Relief Web).

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