U.S. Sanctions 7 Chinese Supercomputer Centres

BBC: US blacklists seven Chinese supercomputer groups

The US has blacklisted seven Chinese groups it accuses of building supercomputers to help its military.

It is the first move by the Biden administration to make it harder for China to obtain US technology

On Thursday, three companies and four branches of China's National Supercomputing Center were added to the US blacklist.

This bars American companies from exporting technology to the groups without proper approval.


Update #1: U.S. sanctions Chinese computer makers in widening tech fight — NBC/AP

Update #2: US sanctions on Chinese supercomputer centres ‘may have limited impact’ — SCMP

WNU Editor: China is not impressed with these sanctions …. US sanctions on 7 more Chinese tech firms just another 'mosquito' bite: expert (Global Times). According to US intelligence,, China is currently leading in some sectors of AI …. China Leads US In 3 Of 6 AI Areas: Bob Work (Breaking Defense).

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