Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic In Brazil — News Updates April 11, 2021

Al Jazeera: ‘Out of control’: Brazil’s COVID surge sparks regional fears

Brazil’s South American neighbours worry a COVID-19 variant will spread quickly and lead to another wave of deaths.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Almost a year ago to the day, the jungle city of Manaus grabbed international headlines after a flood of COVID-19 deaths forced gravediggers to dig mass burials – catapulting the city into the centre of Brazil’s coronavirus outbreak.

Those scenes are now being repeated throughout Brazil, where authorities are working day and night to bury the dead, with experts warning that the country’s funeral services could be the next to topple.


Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic In Brazil — News Updates April 11, 2021

Brazil’s virus outlook darkens amid vaccine supply snags — AP

Brazil's health system has long since collapsed, says doctor — DW

Brazil builds new 140ft statue of Jesus even higher than Christ the Redeemer as country's Covid-19 crisis continues with more than 345,000 dead — Daily Mail

Brazil detects first case of South African variant, grave shortage looms as death toll soars — Reuters

Brazil Top Court Orders Probe Of Bolsonaro's Pandemic Steps — NPR/AP

Brazilian president attacks Supreme Court justice for COVID response probe — Reuters

Covid-19: Why have deaths soared in Brazil? — BBC

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