Swim Ireland Unveils New Interactive Swim Spot Map

Swim Ireland is pleased to announce the launch of its new interactive online Swim Spot Map, a project funded by Sport Ireland’s Innovation Fund and supported by Local Sports Partnerships through information sharing.

Swim Spots – swimspots.meandthewater.ie – takes the guesswork out of your trip. It gives real-time weather, forecasts, tides and other local information, like parking and facilities. You can even give a shout out to others via the comments section.

This interactive map is a new feature on our new website meandthewater.ie, which was launched earlier this summer to support Swim Ireland’s Me and the Water Membership for leisure swimmers who particularly love outdoor swimming.

Adam Cox, Swim Ireland’s Head of Clubs and Community, said: “We were very grateful to receive funding through Sport Ireland’s Innovation Fund, which has helped us develop a website that will provide you with all the information you need to swim outdoors and to connect with your tribe.

“In developing this project, we worked closely with Sport Ireland’s Local Sports Partnerships to gather as much data as we could to ensure that people could access the most up to date and relevant information for their chosen spot. We are also excited that you will also be able to connect with other swimmers and local ambassadors to answer your questions on swim spots around the country.

“We have 200 open water swimming locations to date and will be adding more constantly. We also want images and feedback from users, and as we continue to build our Me and the Water tribe, we believe that this Swim Spots Map will further help connect people together.”

Bookmark swimspots.meandthewater.ie and save it to your phone's home page so you’ll always have the most up to date information to hand for your swim spots.

Editors notes:

Swim Ireland’s interactive online Swim Spots Map project was funded by Sport Ireland’s Innovation Fund. This map provides detailed information and real-time tides and weather updates about more than 200 popular swim spots on the island of Ireland. The list of spots detailed will continue to grow as the community using and contributing to the map also grows. The Swim Spots Map is an exciting addition to meandthewater.ie, which was launched earlier this summer alongside Swim Ireland’s new Me and the Water Membership. Me and the Water’s tribe now has more than 1,000 members enjoying access to exclusive tips, training plans and discounts from our partners, as well as access to Me and the Water’s social network. Find out more at meandthewater.ie.

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