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US vs. China Military Activities In The Indo-Pacific Region (2019 vs. 2020)

US vs. China military activities in the Indo-Pacific region throughout 2019 and 2020 as gathered by @AsiaMTI — 𝕋om 𝕆'ℂonnor (@ShaolinTom) March 12, 2021 WNU Editor: In today's U.S.-Japan security summit, there were no doubts among the participants on who is the main threat in the Indo-Pacific region (see …

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If China Invades Taiwan, The Biden Administration Will Blame Former President Trump

New from Tokyo: Top U.S. officials are warning w/ increasing urgency that China could soon invade Taiwan—a timeline they say has accelerated by Trump’s repeated provocation of Beijing, China’s military build-up, & signs Taiwan could declare independence. — Lara Seligman (@laraseligman) March 15, 2021 WNU Editor: This is becoming …

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US-China Summit In Alaska Will Take Up Explosive Taiwan Issue

Frictions between China and the US go well beyond tariff disputes. Image: REUTERS/Jason Lee Politico: U.S. warns of China's growing threat to Taiwan Officials from Washington and Beijing are meeting in Alaska on Thursday. TOKYO — When President Joe Biden’s national security team prepares to meet their Chinese counterparts at …

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