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Poland 5 zlotys 2021 – The Crane Gate in Gdańsk

New bimetallic circulating commemorative:"From the Discover Poland series: The Crane Gate in Gdańsk"TECHNICAL DATAExternal ring: copper-nickelCenter disc: aluminium-bronzeDiameter: 24.00 mmWeight: 6.54 gMint: Mint of Poland (Mennica Polska), Warsaw (Poland)Mintage: 1 millionIssue date: 21/05/2021The Crane Gate in Gdańsk:(news and image by Adam Szuler)LINK: Narodowy Bank PolskiOriginal Article

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Germany 2 euro 2021 – Saxony-Anhalt

New bimetallic circulating commemorative:"New type from the Bundesländer series: Saxony-Anhalt"TECHNICAL DATAExternal ring: copper-nickelCenter disc: nickel-brass, nickel and nickel-brass three layersDiameter: 25.75 mmWeight: 8.50 gThickness: 2.20 mm(news from Damir Kontic)Original Article

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British Indian Ocean Territory 2 pounds 2021 – The Queen’s Beasts – The Yale of Beaufort

New bimetallic commemorative:"From the 'The Queen's Beasts' collection: The Yale of Beaufort"TECHNICAL DATAExternal ring: nickel-bronzeCenter disc: copper-nickelDiameter: 28.40 mmWeight: 12.00 gMint: The Pobjoy MintMintage: 2.750It is also available in limited edition (475 pieces) proof sterling silver.(image from The Pobjoy MintOriginal Article

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