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Canada 1 dollar 2021 – O Canada

New commemorative type, as part of 2021's "O Canada" 5-coin gift card set:TECHNICAL DATAComposition: three-ply brass finish plated steelDiameter: 26.50 mmWeight: 6.27 gArtist: Tony Bianco and Susanna BluntFront of the "O Canada" 5-coin gift card set:(image from Royal Canadian MintOriginal Article

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Hungary 750 forint 2021 – 750th anniversary of Győr becoming a royal town

New collectors' commemorative type:"750th anniversary of Győr becoming a royal town"TECHNICAL DATADenomination: 750 ftComposition: copper-nickel-zincDiameter: 29.50 mmWeight: 9.40 gMint: Hungarian Mint (Hungary)Artist: Ferenc LebóMintage: 40,000(image and data taken from Magyar Nemzeti BankLINK: Hungarian MintOriginal Article

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Thailand 20 baht 2019 – King Rama X Royal Wedding

New commemorative type:"King Rama X Royal Wedding"TECHNICAL DATAComposition: copper-nickelDiameter: 32.00 mmWeight: 15.00 gMintage: 5 million(image from eBay seller asian_treasury)Original Article

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