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    ICON went limit up for the wrong reasons. Some are saying its because the terms were so convoluted and that not many know how to calculate the capital reduction. PLEASE, this is not your first rodeo, this is not the first capital reduction exercise. You are all supposed to be professional investors or advisors. The limit up was obviously caused by the 50 into one capital reduction. A simple calculation showed that ICON had 2.377bn shares. Divide that by 50 = 47.5 million shares. That must be close to the fewest number of shares listed by a company on Bursa. The complaining parties ARE those who SOLD SHORT unwittingly. Imagine you had 100,000 prior to the ex date. It was trading at 4 sen, you value was RM4,000, and as with 99.9999% of ICON investors, you had lost money already big time. Then you woke up and saw the price going limit up. (0.035 x 50) + (100 × 0.105) ÷ 101 = 0.12 Add the 30 sen limit up, you have 42 sen, today add another 30 sen you have 72 sen. As you can see even at 72..

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  • BioPlex Update Preprint — 5,500 New Protein Interactomes — in a new cell line!

  • CyTOF data on single cells for 281 cancer patients with long term clinical data!

  • اعرف الان | توقعات وحظك اليوم الخميس 16-1-2020 | الخميس 16 يناير 2020 | برجك اليوم الخميس 2020-1-16

    تعرف على حظك اليوم 16/1/2020 الخميس توقعات الأبراج على الصعيد المهنى والعاطفى والصحى، تابعنا يوميًا لتتعرف على توقعات علماء الفلك بصفة يومية وتأثير النجوم على حياتك. اتبع نصائح علماء الفلك من أجل حياة أفضل. كل ما نقدمه للتسلية والترفيه، فلا يعلم الغيب الا الله وتبقى مجرد توقعات والله أعلم حظك اليوم برج الأسد الخميس 16-1-2020 برج الأسد حظك اليوم برج الأسد الخميس 16-1-2020، الغرور والكبر الذى ينتاب مواليد برج الأسد يفسد حياتهم، لكنهم فى حالة الخسارة سرعان ما يعودون إلى طبيعيتهم السمحة الطيبة ويتعاملون مع المحيطين بهم بود وحب وقوة شخصية، يقدم موقع "بكبوزة" حظك اليوم لمواليد برج الأسد على الصعيد العاطفى والمهنى والصحى الخميس 16 -1-2020. حظك اليوم برج الأسد على الصعيد العاطفى غالبا ما يحسد الناس مواليد برج الأسد على رومانسيتهم وطريقة حبهم لشركائهم، فهم يقدمون السعادة على طبق من ذهب لأحبائهم، يشعرون بالسعادة دائما وهم بجوار أقاربهم وأسرتهم الصغيرة. حظك اليوم برج الأسد على الصعيد المهنى لديه من الأفكار الكثير والكثير والمبدع ومن خلالها يستطيع تحقيق أهدافه ويغير مهنته كل فترة لأنه مرن فى تعام..

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  • اعرف الان | توقعات وحظك اليوم الاربعاء 15-1-2020 | الاربعاء 15 يناير 2020 | برجك اليوم الاربعاء 2020-1-15

  • الابراج اليوم الاربعاء 15 / 1 / 2020 حظك اليوم 2020 / 1 / 15 توقعات اليوم 15 / 1 / 2020 برجك اليوم 15 / 1 / 2020

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Context specific FDR for top down proteomics!

On the bridge of the Starship Northwestern, Captain Kelleher and his crew are exploring the farthest reaches of proteomics, going where no lab has gone before. I just had the worst idea ever -- and -- of course there is an internet tool where you can take anyone'es picture and "Trek" it. (...sorry...) What started this ramble? Well, while we're here on earth still struggling with accurate estimation of FDR for linear and slightly modified peptides, on the Starship Northwestern they're beaming down tools for accurate estimation of FDR for freaking intact proteoforms! How are you currently assessing FDR for proteoforms? I'll tell you how I am. I'm not. I'm so pumped that I've identified a few dozen proteins from fragmenting their intact forms that I'm just popping them into my list. And -- I'd wager that is what basically everyone is doing outside the 4 labs that do top down proteomics each and every day. And if you've got an exact mass..

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Quantitative live cell imaging + proteomics shows real time influenza progression!

This brand new study at Nature something or other is timely, interesting and shows a combination of techniques complementing each other I'd never have thought of! Live cell imaging? That can't help with proteomics...I mean...how does looking at the surface of a cell help? It turns out that, live cell imaging (light microscopy!) has gotten massively sophisticated! Those images at the top are Rab11 foci! So... live cell imaging of protein complexes inside a normal human cell. That's pretty awesome all on it's own, right? What could make it even better? Involving proteomics, obviously, but -- you know -- let's leave that part out of the title. THEN let's do something that is right at the front of everyone's mind right now -- influenza!! If that doesn't make you want to read this, we probably can't be friends. Rab11 is a protein that maintains other proteins at the cell surface and helps recycle the vesicles. This group shows how the influenza ..

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Phosphorylation sites that alter thermal protein stability…..

..... ... And another great example?!? Phosphopeptides that alter protein thermo-stability? And their bulk identification? The biggest advance for us with all these recent studies is that these techniques are starting to seem a whole lot less daunting from a sample prep and execution standpoint. And, if you look at the results from the earliest studies to these newer ones, the advances in the chromatography and mass spec hardware really illustrates how far we've come. Now we're (well...some people in Seattle rumored to be talented are...localizing the exact phosphorylation sites that are causing structural shifts in protein 3D structure enough to affect something as primary as thermal changes?

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