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The climate change runaway chain reaction-like process

Amplifying feedbacks leading to accelerated planetary temperaturesby Andrew Glikson“The paleoclimate record shouts to us that, far from being self-stabilizing, the Earth's climate system is an ornery beast which overreacts even to small nudges” (Wally Broecker)Many climate change models, including by the IPCC, appear to minimize or even neglect the amplifying …

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British Indian Ocean Territory 50 pence 2021 – Checkerboard wrasse

New low-mintage commemorative:"Fourth coin of the 'Sea Creatures' collection: Checkerboard wrasse"TECHNICAL DATAComposition: copper-nickelDiameter: 27.30 mmWeight: 8.00 gMint: The Pobjoy MintMintage: 2.750The coin is also available in proof sterling silver coloured version.LINK: The Pobjoy MintOriginal Article

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Could temperatures keep rising?

Orbital changes are responsible for Milankovitch cycles that make Earth move in and out of periods of glaciation, or Ice Ages. Summer insolation on the Northern Hemisphere reached a peak some 10,500 years ago, in line with the Milankovitch cycles, and insolation has since gradually decreased. Summer insolation on the …

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