Have Governments Been Successful In Controlling The Spread Of Covid-19?

Anthony Rozmajzl, Mises Institute: Almost a Year Later, There’s Still No Evidence Showing Governments Can Control the Spread of Covid-19
As we approach the one-year anniversary of fifteen days to flatten the curve, we have yet to acquire any data suggesting that the past year of life-destroying lockdowns and politicized behavioral mandates has done anything to keep us safe from covid-19.
While discussions surrounding the reintroduction of nationwide lockdowns seem to have ceased—it's impossible to ignore the lockdowns' disproportionately deadly effects and the numerous studies demonstrating their futility—the media still retain their grip on the narrative that nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) such as mask mandates, curfews, capacity restrictions, gathering restrictions, and others remain necessary to prevail in our fight against covid-19.
WNU Editor: The pandemic is still raging outside, and thousands still die everyday. Using this metric I will have to say that governments have failed in controlling the spread of Covid-19. But vaccines are offering hope, and we will know more in the coming months if this will be successful in controlling the spread of this deadly disease. Looking at the evidence from places like Israel and its vaccination program, my gut tells me that the answer will be yes.Original Article

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