Here Is Everything We Know About Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works’ Secretive ‘Speed Racer’ Program

Warzone/The Drive: Here's Everything We Know About Skunk Works' Secretive 'Speed Racer' Program
The design is primarily intended to validate new digital engineering tools and techniques, but that could be just the beginning.
Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works advanced projects bureau has officially revealed the design of its secretive Speed Racer air vehicle. The missile-shaped unmanned system is ostensibly intended to serve as an experiment in digital engineering techniques, but has the potential to be the basis for future swarming drones and low-cost cruise missiles.
Steve Trimble, Aviation Week's defense editor and friend of The War Zone, was first to report on the new information about Speed Racer. He was also able to confirm that a computer-generated segment in a video Lockheed Martin had released ahead of the Air Force Associations' 2021 Virtual Aerospace Warfare Symposium, which wrapped up yesterday, did indeed depict this air vehicle. The company similarly acknowledged that a rendering it released last year was also of Speed Racer.
WNU Editor: More details on this program are here …. Skunk Works Is About to Test a Secret New Aircraft Called 'Speed Racer' (Popular Mechanics), here …. Speed Racer: The U.S. Military's New Drone Swarm Weapon? (National Interest), and here …. Is Lockheed Martin’s ‘Secret’ Unmanned Aircraft ‘Speed Racer’ Ready For Take-Off? (The EurAsian Times).Original Article

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