New Satellite Imagery Reveals North Korea Has Taken Steps To Conceal A Facility That US Intelligence Believes Is Being Used To Store Nuclear Weapons

CNN: New satellite images reveal North Korea took recent steps to conceal nuclear weapons site
Washington (CNN)New satellite imagery obtained by CNN reveals North Korea has recently taken steps to conceal a facility US intelligence agencies believe is being used to store nuclear weapons, a move that could add to the growing sense of urgency from critics who argue the Biden administration needs to articulate a clear strategy on how it will deal with Kim Jong Un going forward.
The image, captured by Maxar on February 11 and analyzed by experts at the Middlebury Institute, shows North Korea built new structures at its Yongdoktong site over the course of 2020 — an effort researchers say is likely intended to obscure a pair of underground tunnel entrances that lead to the facility where nuclear weapons are stored.
Update #1: IAEA says N Korea nuclear programme cause for ‘serious concern’ (Al Jazeera)
Update #2: North Korea Conceals Suspected Nuclear Warehouse, Alleged Satellite Photos Suggest (Sputnik)
WNU Editor: North Korea has to put its nuclear weapons somewhere. It looks like where they are being put is now known.Original Article

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