Head Of The D.C. National Guard Says It Took Three And A Half Hours For The Pentagon To Approve Sending Forces To Protect The Capital Building On January 6

Daily Mail: Pentagon took 3 hours and 19 minutes to respond to 'frantic' request to dispatch National Guard forces to defend the Capitol after Jan. 6th breach, commanding D.C. general tells senators
* The Acting Defense Secretary ultimately approved the forces at 5:08 pm * Former Capitol Police chief Sund made 'frantic' call at 1:49 pm * He is testifying at a Senate Homeland Security and Rules Committee hearing on the January 6th Capitol riot * Army secretary 'withheld' authority for 'quick reaction force' in advance * Walker said he found it 'unusual' the Army Secretary wanted a 'concept of operation' for the reaction force * Walker said dispatching 155 Guard forces sooner 'could have made a difference' * Guardsmen waited on buses at D.C. Armory while authorization came * Army Secretary's approval required to move three Guardsmen to a traffic stop one block away * Also gap of more than 30 minutes after Defense Sec. decided to support the Capitol and when the head of the Guard was informed
The head of the D.C. National Guard told lawmakers Wednesday that it took more than three hours for the Pentagon to approve sending forces to shore up defenses following the breach of the Capitol by a MAGA mob Jan. 6th.
Commanding General William Walker testified Wednesday that he got a 'frantic call' from the former chief of U.S. Capitol Police, Steven Sund, following the breach. But approval was not immediately forthcoming.
Senior military officials raised objections; Guard forces who were already on stand-by were not immediately dispatched; and when the Secretary of Defense finally gave the green light there was a delay of more than 30 minutes before Walker was even told.
WNU Editor: The Chairman of the Joint chiefs has a different opinion …. Military reaction was ‘sprint speed,’ top officer says as Pentagon takes heat for Capitol riot response (Washington Post). More here …. Joint Chiefs chairman: Military response on Jan. 6 was 'super fast' (The Hill).
What's my take.
Considering the negative reaction from many Democrats and the media when the military was deployed to protect the White House during the unrest over the summer of 2020, there is some truth to this …. DC National Guard head says Army generals advised against soldiers to Capitol during riot due to optics (FOX News).
Even the DC Guard chief agrees …. DC Guard chief agrees 'optics' slowed deployment during Capitol riot (The Hill).
But even if the optics are terrible, these troops should have been deployed immediately. This three hour delay is inexcusable.
And as for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley's remarks that the Pentagon's response was "super-fast". Reports that the Biden administration want to replace the Chairman have been circulating around for the past month. I can now easily see him being asked to "retire early" later this year.
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