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Today's top coronavirus headlines:
💉 Biden bumps up vaccine timeline
💸 Senate nears vote on relief bill
😷 Texas lifts mask mandate

— Reuters (@Reuters) March 3, 2021

Tourists show no Covid fears as they fill Mexican resort.
Tourists enjoy shows on the beach and play volleyball as the sun sets near Cancun in Mexico's Quintana Roo state despite the country registering over 185,000 Covid-19 related deaths

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) March 4, 2021

Raging pandemic shuts down Sao Paulo as Brazil nears Pfizer deal

— Reuters (@Reuters) March 4, 2021

The White House is warning that the U.S. may consider a military response to a rocket attack against an air base in Iraq where American and coalition troops are housed. A U.S. contractor died after at least 10 rockets slammed into the base.

— The Associated Press (@AP) March 4, 2021

Hong Kong is removed from an annual index of the world's freest economies.
The Heritage Foundation says the city is now directly controlled by Beijing.
The announcement is a reputational blow for Hong Kong and comes as Beijing ramps up its bid to quash dissent

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) March 4, 2021

China's 'diplomacy' spending –

— Boxing Bet Guru (@Richboxingbets) March 3, 2021

Russians did not fuck around when it came to offloading tanks

— Zero Blog Thirty (@ZeroBlog30) March 4, 2021

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