US Report Recommends Developing AI-Based Autonomous Weapons To Outpace China And Russia

The Drive
BBC: Biden urged to back AI weapons to counter China and Russia threats
The US and its allies should reject calls for a global ban on AI-powered autonomous weapons systems, according to an official report commissioned for the American President and Congress.
It says that artificial intelligence will "compress decision time frames" and require military responses humans cannot make quickly enough alone.
And it warns Russia and China would be unlikely to keep to any such treaty.
But critics claim the proposals risk driving an "irresponsible" arms race.
WNU Editor: This report is very blunt. It recommends ignoring the global push to ban autonomous weapons …. National security commission led by ex-Google CEO urges US to ignore calls to ban autonomous weapons (The Next Web).
The report is here …. National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.
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