Will President Biden Give A Formal News Conference?

Daily Mail: Joe Biden's live feed is CUT OFF at the end of virtual meeting of House Democrats after he says he's 'happy to take questions' – as he faces mounting pressure to hold his first full press conference after 43 days in office
* Biden is yet to hold a press conference in the six weeks since taking office * Obama held one 20 days after he was inaugurated and Trump after 27 * On Wednesday he said he was open to taking questions from House Democrats * As soon as he said he was ready for a Q&A, the White House feed was cut * Kayleigh McEnany, Trump's press secretary, asked Tuesday: 'Where's Joe?' * Jen Psaki said: 'We look forward to holding a full formal press conference'
Joe Biden was set to take questions from Democrat members of the House on Wednesday, when the White House inexplicably cut the feed of the live event.
Biden, 78, is yet to hold a formal press conference since taking office six weeks ago, on January 20.
The president's lack of press conferences is an obvious juxtaposition to Donald Trump – who basked in his time in front of the cameras and press.
When he wasn’t holding formal press conferences, the former president would spend a lengthy amount of time speaking to reporters before departing for trips on the South Lawn.
Update: Biden live feed cuts out after he says he’ll take questions (NYPost)
WNU Editor: To say the above video is strange is an understatement. The contrast between President Trump and President Biden is night and day.
Even CNN is wondering what is happening …. White House reporters clamor for press conference as Biden waits longer than predecessors (CNN).
I am also wondering if President Biden will give his "State Of The Union" speech. There is still no definite date on when this will happen.Original Article

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