Here Are Five U.S. Military Research Projects Involving Animals that Did Not Work Out

Spc. Beruk Nessibu mounts Kyle, the camel, Dec. 19, to enjoy his very first camel ride at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. (SFC Debra Richardson)
Military Times: A definitive ranking of the US military’s worst animal projects
Animal-human collaboration is an interesting facet of military history. The U.S. Navy has trained bottlenose dolphins and sea lions as part of its Marine Mammal Program. These slippery sea critters are able to locate mines and retrieve missing equipment more successfully than human divers, thanks to the dolphins’ sonar and sea lions’ eyesight. Forget robots — these mammals might be the ultimate choice to replace us.
WNU Editor: Camels, bomb-sniffing elephants, bomb-carrying pigeons, small timer-controlled bombs on bats, and bomb-carrying sharks. At least they did not try to train cats!Original Article

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