Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 9, 2021

Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post: How the U.S. and China could go to war
It's 2034 and a war is about to begin. A flotilla of three U.S. naval destroyers is furrowing a path through the South China Sea, a contested body of water that is the thoroughfare for a significant proportion of global trade.
Near the ominously named Mischief Reef, they encounter and board a Chinese vessel. And then things start to spiral.
Far-reaching cyberattacks cloud the United States' ability for strategic action. Conventional warfare and sea battles lead to dramatic losses for both sides.
An array of other countries get pulled into a conflict that sees strategists resort to the most dangerous of measures.
Ultimately, no one really wins.
Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 9, 2021
Jinping Calls on China’s Military to Prepare for ‘Unstable’ Security Concerns with Other Countries — Sputnik
China’s rise in military spending expected to stoke unease in region — SCMP
U.S. Cites New Threat to Carriers From Chinese Anti-Ship Missile — Bloomberg
Top US commander fears Chinese invasion of Taiwan by 2027 — AFP
New US combat concept widens tech gap with China’s air force — SCMP
US must keep pace with China on military spending, analysts say — SCMP Missile Defense Agency to consider two sites for Hawaii-based radar — UPI
Guam Needs a New Air-Defense System to Protect Against Chinese Missiles, US 4-Star Says —
U.S., Japan security meeting to address deterrence against China, report says — UPI
US may field new fighter by FY 2029 — Janes
Air Force completes Operation Porcupine exercise in Romania — Air Force Times
Two civilian pilots safely eject before trainer jet crashes at Edwards AFB — Air Force Times
A salute to the USS Nimitz’s 11-month tour, crucial role — Seattle Times
For the Navy’s Seabees, everything old is new again — Daily Press
The Navy tried to cast Capt. Brett Crozier as a villain. New emails reveal how much support he really had — Task & Purpose
House Democrats introducing bill to limit transfer of military-grade gear to police — The Hill
Lawmakers gird for spending battle over nuclear weapons — The Hill
Biden pledges to end 'scourge of sexual assault in the military' — The Hill
Racial, political divides in military grow as services try to weed out extremists — UPI
The Pentagon had an email security problem. The pandemic fixed it. — Politico
First B-1 Deployment to Norway Shows Importance of Arctic, Cold-Weather Ops — Air Force Magazine
Five reasons not to split Cyber Command from the NSA any time soon – if ever — War On The Rocks
A ‘splinternet’ won’t solve global cyber defense problems — Yaron Rosen, C4ISRNet
Saudi, Qatari, Israeli planes join USAF B-52 in Persian Gulf show of force — UPI
U.S. Navy joins, Oman, France, Britain in mine countermeasures exercises — UPI
France to speed up declassification of secret archives on Algeria War — France 24
France has underestimated impact of nuclear tests in French Polynesia, research finds — The Guardian
French nuclear tests contaminated 110,000 in Pacific, says study — BBC
Moscow’s troops could dominate NATO in Baltic region, top Polish general predicts… but Russia insists it’s just not interested — RT
First serial Yasen-M-class sub to be handed over to Russian Navy in late 2021 — source — TASS
Iran Set to Unveil Domestically Manufactured Military Hovercraft — Sputnik
Kylie Moore-Gilbert: Iran tried to recruit freed British-Australian academic as spy — BBC
Korean and Israeli firms eye partnership to arm helicopter with kamikaze drones — Defense News
Russia, China agree to build lunar station together — DWOriginal Article

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