President Biden’s Aides Shut Down The Press At Today’s Public Appearance

Biden’s handlers aggressively prevent the press from asking POTUS any questions after his brief remarks at a D.C. hardware store

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) March 9, 2021

Zero Hedge: 'Weekend At Biden's?' Handlers Shut Down Yet Another Q&A After Public Appearance
For the third time in as many days (the previous two detailed here), President Biden's handlers abruptly panicked at the prospect of him answering a question from the press.
Today's debacle takes place in a DC hardware store as double-mask-wearing Biden stares blankly at the store owner during his polite introduction, then becomes distracted by people on an upper level of the store.
As the owner tries to address Biden again, Biden’s handlers suddenly become agitated and one is repeatedly heard saying, “come on press, let’s go, we’re gonna move out.” “Let’s go you guys, come on let’s go,” she repeats herself as one of the reporters tries to ask Biden about “the crisis at the border.”
WNU Editor: I do not understand the double-masking. President Biden has already been vaccinated. As to shutting down the press. This has become the routine.Original Article

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