Some Details Emerge On Russia’ Secret Submarine Belgorod (Project 09852)

Image by Bill Wright
Defence Blog: Navy Lookout shared rendering of secret Russian submarine
UK-based Navy Lookout magazine has shared artist’s rendering of secret Russian special mission submarine.
A series of renders showing an adapted Oscar class SSGN special-purpose boat, commonly known as Belgorod (Project 09852), designed to be ‘mother’ to the Losharik deep-diving midget submarine.
Data on the submarine’s current technical characteristics are classified as of today.
Update #1: Russia continues building Belgorod submarine (Navy Recognition) Update #2: Russia’s Project 09852 Special Mission Submarine ‘Belgorod’ Prepared For Sea Trials (Naval News)
WNU Editor: From what is known, this is a huge submarine (see picture below). The world's longest submarine, the Belgorod (Picture source: TASS)Original Article

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