Police Will Begin Scaling Back Fencing And Razor Wire Surrounding The U.S. Capitol Within Two Weeks

Capitol Police will begin removing fencing that forms an outer perimeter within the next two weeks, according to an internal email
Daily Mail: Police will begin scaling back fencing and razor wire surrounding the Capitol this week in sign of return to normalcy after January 6 attack
* Inner perimeter to be pulled closer to the Capitol * Outer perimeter on track to come down some time next week * Razor wire also getting cut * Double rows of bike racks that rioters tossed during Jan. 6th clash * House Republicans have blasted Nancy Pelosi for fortress atmosphere
Capitol Police are taking steps to scale back perimeter fencing around the Capitol grounds in the next two weeks amid public criticism of the continuing fortifications after the Jan. 6th MAGA riot.
In its place, double-rows of bike racks will provide a buffer protecting police in the event of another mass incursion.
The mob of thousands had little trouble pushing back such moveable barriers on Jan. 6th, but since that time Capitol security officials have acknowledged they were not prepared for the mass event that took place.
WNU Editor: The outer perimeter fence will be gone, but the inner perimeter fence will still remain. What will also remain is a heavy National Guard presence …. Defense Department Approves Continued Guard Presence on Capitol Hill (US Department of Defense).Original Article

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