UK Foreign And Defence Review Says China Is The Biggest State-Based Threat But Recommends Trade And Economic Relations

The Guardian: China is major threat, but UK will keep up trade links, says defence review
Cold war with Beijing not feasible, says Raab, though it is seen as foremost state-based threat to Britain
The UK will maintain a positive trading and economic relationship with China while recognizing Beijing represents the biggest state-based threat to the UK, the UK foreign and defence review will say.
The foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, said China was here to stay and pointed out no other country was taking the kind of strident economic measures against China that hawks were advocating.
“It would not be feasible to go into some old, outdated, cold war with China,” he said
WNU Editor: Chinese media has responded …. UK tilting toward Indo-Pacific to counterweight China ‘immature’ decision (Global Times).
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