Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 17, 2021

U.S. Army and Chinese PLA military personnel attend a disaster management exchange near Nanjing, China, November 17, 2018. Photo by Aly Song/Reuters
NPR: Pentagon Pushes For Bigger Effort To Deter China's Growing Military Might
The Chinese pilots push the throttles on their heavy bombers as the music in the video builds to dramatic, Hollywood-style swirling strings. Radios crackle while the planes rise and stream across the ocean. Suddenly, missiles unleash with a whoosh. Fireballs and bouncing debris rise from the targets: Hawaii and Guam. That propaganda video was released last fall and appeared on the official social media accounts of the People's Liberation Army Air Force.
Some at the Pentagon are dismissing the Top Gun-like video with smirks and eye rolls. After all, it includes footage lifted from the movies Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Hurt Locker and The Rock.
Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 17, 2021
China’s military modernisation poses a threat to Taiwan — Gulf News/AFP
Taiwan boosts South China Sea deployments, gets submarine nod — Al Jazeera
Taiwan Boosts Military Presence in Disputed South China Sea as US Helps It Build Fleet of Submarines — Sputnik
Taiwan on schedule to complete F-16 upgrade by 2023 — Taiwan News
Virginia lawmakers prepare to battle the Pentagon over a potential cut to the carrier fleet — Defense News
US Navy set to receive latest version of the Tomahawk missile — Defense News
US General says North Korea could test new intercontinental missile 'in the near future' — The Hill
US-South Korea alliance ‘has never been more important,’ says Defense Secretary Austin — AP
B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers And B-1B Lancers Team Up For Arctic Show Of Force — Warzone/The Drive
US Bomber Aircraft Conduct Training Mission Near Iceland, Air Force Says — Sputnik
F-22 pilot treated for minor injuries after landing gear failed to deploy — Air Force Times
Pentagon Unveils Details On Effort To Equip Its Services With Massive Swarms Of Deadly Drones — Warzone/The Drive
Navy plan for MQ-25A unmanned aircraft clears last hurdle — UPI
US Army prepping robotic combat vehicles for big test with soldiers in 2022 — Defense News
Pentagon eases COVID-19 travel restrictions — UPI
Minority students underrepresented as nominees to US military academies: analysis — The Hill
Officials urge Biden to appoint cyber leaders after SolarWinds, Microsoft hacks — The Hill
Top Pentagon research arm combats ‘aggressive’ foreign investors — C4ISRNet
Pentagon leaders talk about border, hemispheric security at Senate hearing — UPI
U.S. Military Says 'China and Russia May Be Collaborating' South of U.S. Border — Newsweek
Top military brass tells senators more resources are needed to compete with China, Russia in Latin America — War Is Boring
Russia remains top threat to US homeland, general says — Bloomberg
US military 'playing against pickup teams' while enemies 'training for the Super Bowl': Douglas MacGregor — FOX News
Afghan security forces still need US help to stand on their own, watchdog warns — Military Times
NORAD readies for Arctic air defense exercises — UPI
Top British F-35 Pilot On How His Fledgling Team Is Forging Its Own Path Forward — Warzone/The Drive
Russia warns UK nuclear arsenal plan harms global security — DW
Ukraine should look to US for air defenses, improved air force, says former defense adviser — Defense News
Senior female officer quits Canadian Forces, says she's 'sickened' by reports of sexual misconduct — CBC News
US Media Brands Turkey's Possible Purchase of Russian Su-57 Stealth Jet 'NATO's Nightmare' — Sputnik
Israel announces upgrades to iron dome missile defense system — UPI
Iran blames air defense operator for shooting down Ukraine International Airlines plane — DWOriginal Article

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