Russian President Putin Replies To President Biden ‘Killer’ Comment By Saying It ‘Takes One To Know One’

Daily Mail: Putin wishes Biden 'good health' in sinister quip on state TV after he called Russian leader a 'killer without a soul': Kremlin demands apology, says President's words were 'not acceptable' and describes relations as 'very bad'
* Vladimir Putin wished Joe Biden 'good health' in state TV interview * 'I would say to him: I wish you good health,' Russian president said * Veiled threat came after President Biden said in a sit-down with ABC News that Russia would pay for interfering in the 2020 U.S. election * 'He will pay a price,' Biden said of Putin, calling him a 'killer' with no soul * Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said it was a 'very bad statement by the U.S. president' that made it clear that 'he doesn't want to normalize relations' * Russia recalled Anatoly Antonov, its ambassador to the US, for urgent consultations over the future of US-Russia ties
Vladimir Putin wished Joe Biden 'good health' on Thursday after the U.S. president called him a 'killer' – a description seen as an insult by the Russians and has escalated tensions between the two countries.
The Russian president made the sinister quip in an interview on state TV. Western officials have accused Putin ordering the assassination attempt of his most vocal domestic critic, Aleksei Navalny, which Putin has denied.
Putin gave his own strong response to Biden's 'killer' accusation, saying that 'it takes one to know one.'
WNU Editor: Putin's remarks caught my attention because that is how I also see people. Or to quote Buddha. When you are pointing a finger at someone, you are actually pointing three at yourself ….
…. "It takes one to know one," Putin said in televised remarks, using a saying from his childhood.
"That's not just a children's saying and a joke. There's a deep psychological meaning in this."
"We always see in another person our own qualities and think that he is the same as us."
Putin added that he wished Biden, 78, good health. "I'm saying this without irony, not as a joke."
"When I was a kid, when we were arguing with each other in the playground, we used to say, 'Whatever you say [about others] is what you are yourself,'" Putin explained.
Update: Here is an easy prediction. This is not going to happen …. Russia wants an apology from U.S. after Biden called Putin a killer, says Kremlin ally (Reuters).
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