Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 19, 2021

A 2015 photo of a Dong Feng-26 missile after a parade in Beijing. ICEUNSHATTERED VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
Defense One: What Do We Know About China’s Newest Missiles?
Much can be gleaned from open sources, from official announcements to commanders’ online bios.
As “great power competition” becomes the lingua franca of American strategy, U.S. policymakers and analysts must build a greater familiarity with the Chinese strategic systems that increasingly worry combatant commanders and which would play an essential role in any Indo-Pacific crisis.
Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 19, 2021
Massive New Chinese Military Heliport Taking Shape Right Across From Taiwan — Warzone/The Drive
PLA’s Type 055 destroyer enters Sea of Japan for 1st time — Global Times
PLA commissions new type of infantry fighting vehicle — Global Times
China's Combat Drones Push Could Spark a Global Arms Race — Bloomberg
PLA warplanes hold drills despite sandstorm, showing combat readiness — Global Times
China military bans Tesla cars citing camera, sensor spy concerns — Al Jazeera
Army Pilots to Learn Bold New Tactics to Fly Future Helicopters —
Former SpaceX engineers propose two-stage eVTOL for regional, military use — Flight Global
Estimated development costs for the F-35′s modernization program increased by $1.9B in a year — Defense News
Here’s the Air Force’s plan to diversify its pilot corps — Air Force Times
US military says a third of troops opt out of being vaccinated, but the numbers suggest it's more — CNN
Navy Wants Triple-Packed Hypersonic Missile Modules On Its Stealthy Zumwalt Destroyers — Warzone/The Drive
'Short on Details': Lawmakers Grill Navy, Marine Leaders on Big Plans for Drone Ships —
The US Navy is getting closer to relying on pilotless planes to keep its fighters flying — Business Insider
US Navy’s new unmanned plan has ‘buzzwords and platitudes’ but few answers — Defense News
NSA, Homeland Security Push Service to Mitigate Cyber-Attacks — Bloomberg
Lawmakers Confirm Former Ambassador as US Spy Chief — VOA
William Burns wins Senate confirmation as next CIA director — CBS
US intelligence report says election fraud claims 'will almost certainly' spur more violence by domestic extremists — CNN
CIA Headquarters Got Vaccinated in Early January, Rankling Intelligence Officers Abroad — The Intercept
Republicans Rebuke Call from 50 Democrats to Gut DoD Spending —
New Declassified Documents Reveal the Truth About Why the USS Thresher Sank — Popular Mechanics
US Pays Most of Shared Defense Costs with Japan, South Korea — Air Force Magazine
Catching Ever-Stealthier Submarines: French Navy To Get New Sonobuoy Technology — Naval News
French Navy New Rafale M F3-R Achieves Full Operational Capability — Naval News
Britain changes policy so it can use nuclear weapons in response to ‘emerging technologies’ — CBNBC
UK to buy Switchblade loitering munition — Flight Global
UK military to unveil shift towards hi-tech warfare as cuts bite — The Guardian
Europe spies alarmed after Estonia scientist caught spying for China — Business Insider
Bulgaria breaks military ring suspected of spying for Russia — AP
Russia Deploys All Black Sea Submarines as NATO Kicks Off Drills — Moscow Times
Sukhoi and MiG companies will cease to exist — Pravda
Black Sea Fleet sub to join Russian Navy’s Mediterranean Squadron — TASS
Taiwan’s Upgraded F-16V Fighter Jets Poised To Start Standing Alert Along The Taiwan Strait — Warzone/The Drive
A Top Woman in Canada’s Military Issues a Stinging Rebuke of Its Culture — New York Times
A politicized US military should horrify all Americans — Matthew Walther, New York Post
What the 18th anniversary of the Iraq War teaches us about the costs of war — Dr. Neta C. Crawford and Dr. Catherine Lutz, Military TimesOriginal Article

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