Who Are The Largest Holders Of Bitcoin?

Zero Hedge: These Are The Biggest (Public) Holders Of Bitcoin
As Ray Dalio and Rana Faroohar recenly noted, Bitcoin isn’t so much a bubble as “the last functioning fire alarm” warning us of some very big geopolitical changes ahead," and 2021 has seen an increasing number of investors (large and small) begin to recognize that reality).
In fact, as BofA notes in a lengthy treatise on bitcoin's "dirty little secrets", institutional demand has become more active in the past year…
WNU Editor: Bitcoin is still a small player when compared to financial markets and gold. But it is growing, and more importantly, being accepted by financial institutions like Paypal and Mastercard. I still find it eye-opening that the gold and silver company that I sometimes use (SilverGoldBull) accepts Bitcoin.Original Article

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